Accountants that Changed the World

Accountants are the people who are always making sure that your balance sheets are equal. This might be the most difficult thing for a CEO and we are not saying that it can be easy for an accountant as well.

There are some accountants who have to spend days and nights in making sure that one number is getting equal on the other page. the job of an accountant is very difficult, there are even times that the most senior accountants send their work or hire the best accounting firm in Dubai who also have the good team of VAT consultants in Dubai.

You must be wondering that why a senior accountant would hire such a company and the fact is that you can get really tired and go nuts by seeing digits again and again and that is why some third person can easily find the error or you can say mistake in the calculation.

If you are about to become an accountant and you need inspiration of keeping becoming one since this field is hard, then we suggest that you keep reading the post below and see the list of accountants that really changed the world;

  1. The first person on our list is Frank J. Wilson. He was a head accountant at a very famous accounting firm named Internal Revenue and they had the best team of accountants. The good thing that they did was that they captured a super gangster in Chicago and his name was Al Capone and he never had a bank and he still management to make and keep over 100 million dollars and without a trace of digital money Frank J. Wilson along with team had him at the court.
  2. Our next person is Mary Addison Hamilton and she did great wonders in Bessie Rischbieth and Mary Bennet. The main woman was Mary Addison and she did the most feminism move of the that era. The 20th century had just started and women are still not getting paid equal to men and this lady was the first Certified Public Accountant of Australia and she passed the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce test with the highest score even gotten in Western Australia.
  3. Now we will be talking about the father of cost accounting and his name is Josiah Wedgwood and he wrote a book of cost accounting in 1772.