Quick guide to visa change in Dubai

If you are one of those people who would like to change the current status of visa then this guide could be extremely helpful for you. Here we will discuss different visa statuses and how to acquire them.

  • Employment visa

If for some reason your visa seems to be cancelled whilst your stay in UAE and you are not able to exit the country then there could be a few things and procedures that you can follow to ensure changing visa status in UAE without exit. First of all, you will have to put in application for a new employment visa which would have a typing fee that needs to be paid. But before you start with the procedure, you have to be careful about the due date because the process needs to take place earlier so that when the visit visa is cancelled, you could be directly transferred to the new status. The delay may obviously result in serious repercussions and late fee in form of fine as well.

  • Residence visa

Residence visa can be obtained in case of cancelled or current visa status. Again, the procedure will have to be the same where you will be required pay visa fee while staying in the country. But before you could get going with the process, some medical checkups will be undergone to make sure that you are capable enough or a fit applicant for the visa. Late process will result in fine and it is always a good idea to stay a step ahead and consider going through the process before your current visa expires.

Multiple entry visit visa UAE is also a great option for those who aren’t looking for anything permanent but instead would like to aim for something which would not bound them to a place yet still allow them to enjoy the benefits of staying at a country without a lot of hassle. Multiple visa entry basically allows you to enter a specified country several times over a course of time without requiring visa again and again.

Other than that, there are several visa options available out there which would help you in making your stay enjoyable. Before you plan your trip, always remember to go through all the visas available so that you know which are your options and how that could help you.