The Demerits of Being a Psychologist

Being a psychologist is a respectable job in any kind of society, you listen to people’s problem and tell them the solution. The latest statistics of the labor department of UAE revealed that a single even a practicing psychologist can earn more than 20,000 AED per year and a pro psychologist can earn more than 100,000 AED per year. And in the field of psychology, each year there are more than 15,000 job openings in a single big city. Because the psychologists don’t just give service to kids or teenagers, they are there for; old age people, adults, differently abled people, police officers, soldiers and now there are even psychologists for animals. And other than humans the study of the animal psychology is very expensive and one has to devote a lot of time while studying different animals. And due to this a lot of animal psychologist charge a fortune as well and the results are not promising.

Sounds like a job that everyone will love to have a therapist around them but it has its own disadvantages as well like, you have to study a lot and study very carefully because human brain is a complicated organ and only 11% of it is explored which means that a psychologist has to keep themselves updated about their field at all times which can very stressful. If they don’t do this practice, then you will be telling old solutions to the new generation and that will be not okay at all. When you go for internships, the first place a psychologist has to go, is a mental asylum and by all means they have to do that otherwise, they won’t be called psychologist. They have to study different cases and interact with those people and there had been cases where the psychologists have to struggle for their lives because some really insane people can strangle a person with just bare hands.

Speaking of violence, the person going to a psychologist at surely has some mental sickness and if at times the psychologist has a disagreement with the patient, he/she can become violent as well. This is the reason that a big fat guy or a lady is always right behind the door of the therapist’s room.

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