Valentine’s day and things about it

We all know that Valentine’s Day is probably one of the busiest times of the year for the restaurants when couples come together to express or celebrate their love. Some legendary love stories started from there while some ended. Whatever happens, here are some things about Valentine’s Day that you didn’t know:

  • Love costs you

It is completely true that people go out of their way and budget to surprise or make their loved ones feel special. It is the universal excuse to splurge and empty out the pockets of male lovers because they are the ones who are seen paying the most. So yeah, love may not cost a lot but surely it does cost you some money on Valentine’s Day.

  • First dates are scheduled on 14th Feb

This is something which may come as a shocker to you when it shouldn’t. These days everyone is high in finding their perfect match on apps and in real life and when they finally do find one in the month of Feb, they want to hold it until the special lover’s day – we bet you must also have tried or thought about doing that once in your life.

  • It’s an official cheat day

No we are not talking about lovers cheating on each other, we are talking about foodies cheating on their low carb diet or anything of such sort they are trying to follow. People think its ok to let go of your diet because after all they have found their perfect match so why do the looks matter?

  • V-Day is the official Faux Pas for awkward people

We have all been there when our food spits out while talking but we want to take care of such embarrassing situations beforehand on a special occasion such as this one. Well, turns out most of the faux pas are originated from the Valentine’s Day and ruin the date. The biggest one you ask? Answering calls or texts on the dinner table or having an awkward run down with your ex is certainly one of the biggest thumbs down you could ever go for. There are a hundred other different embarrassing things happen, but hey? Who cares as long as you have the one who doesn’t judge you for it but instead laugh along?

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