Reasons To Apply For Dominica Citizenship

Dominica is an island country with big mountains and it is home to many natural springs and tropical rainforest. It is also home to many volcanic islands with boiling lakes and this country has the most tourism level in the world. Within these islands, there are many colorful timber and natural botanic gardens. This is a safe haven to many rare animals and thousands of endangered species. Dominica is an independent island which is a member of commonwealth nation as well. This island is near Martinique and Guadeloupe and it is a paradise for nature lovers. Dominica has the rawest beauty with untouched beaches. This country is enlisted on the UNESCO heritage sites. 

Their main language is Dominican Creole and French but people mostly speak English there which means if you go there as a visitor or apply for their citizenship you will not have any problem in communicating with people over there. It is the country where the crime rate is next to zero and that is why tourists love this country. Dominican government have always opened their gates to different investors because some countries still think that this is an under developed country and by opening the investor visas, people now know that it is the country worth investing in. Investors from around the globe have made many different resorts and luxury hotels for people to come and have a lifetime experience.

As compared to other countries, the investor does not need to be to specific years of age, if you have big bucks and you are at least 21 years of age, you are eligible to get an investor visa. Moreover, they do not have a lot of paperwork, the person just has to be on the island to apply for it. The applicant must be able to speak and understand English fully and if the applicant wants to call his/her family, there are very less interviews and they don’t have to be any specific years of age too. People invest in Dominica because it is less in price, as less as $200,000 to start a business or buy a property. And that property can be resold to anyone after 5 years of possession.

By getting the Dominica citizenship program, you can also get easy access to Cyprus citizenship by investment.